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Our Vision, Mission, and History


Our History

The SFLCA was founded by our Executive Director Eddie Dutton, after he was diagnosed with Stage IV Head & Neck Cancer. He underwent a radical neck disection, chemotherapy, and radiation.

While undergoing chemotherapy, Mr. Dutton noticed someone who was undergoing chemotherapy at the same time as he, was skipping treatment.

When questioned, the person admitted that transportation was a problem. They were able to use public transportation to get to chemotherapy, but treatment left them extremely nauseous and they couldn't handle traveling in a public conveyance. Mr. Dutton was able to find a program that provided the patient transportation to and from treatment.

Mr. Dutton began treatment in March of 2008. By May of that same year, he was enlisting assistance from friends during the evenings and the weekends to assist in finding support for cancer patients.

The South Florida Cancer Association ("SFLCA"), was an idea about networking to the benefit of the patient. Taking something that has been digitized and adding an organic touch, a person who will guide cancer patient or their family to where they need to be.

The SFLCA is seated on one South Florida's county's Local Coordinating Board for the Transportation Disadvantaged. The SFLCA belongs to several South Florida professional healthcare organizations that work collaboratively to cover the entirety of South Florida. The SFLCA belongs to 2 organizations that are dedicated to promoting and supporting healthcare in their respective counties. We work with the Health Council of South Florida.

The SFLCA's networking members and resources have provided cancer-related information, assistance, and support to cancer patients in 33 of Florida's 67 counties, 10 states to include Florida, and 3 countries. (The U.S., Bahamas, and Guyana.)

The SFLCA operates primarily providing patient navigation and advocacy. We provide access to screening, treatment, transportation, counseling, support groups, and living essentials.

In the past 12 years , the SFLCA has provided support for literally thousands of cancer patients and their loved ones. Over 70 colleges and universities in 35 countries have utilized the SFLCA for facts and information regarding cancer and its various aspects.

While our focus is on South Florida communities, we assist patients from other countries because their families living here ask for assistance, and this is what we are here for.

The South Florida Cancer Association, Inc. ("SFLCA"), is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. (Click here...) We are incorporated with the State of Florida as a nonprofit organization. (Click here...)The Florida Division of Consumer Services approves our application as such to accept donations within the State. (Click here...

To ensure the success of our mission, the SFLCA has worked with over 500 organizations at the international, national, state, regional, and local levels. We have served patients in 33 of Florida's 67 counties, 10 states, and 3 countries. The SFLCA has never turned down a patient in need, nor has any patient ever been charged for our services.