Program Overview

South Florida has one of the highest undocumented immigrant populations in the U.S. Unfortunately, undocumented immigrants are also one of the most marginalized of our populations.

The most common forms of cancer among these are lung, breast, cancer of the brain and nervous system, prostate, and colon cancer.

Studies have demonstrated that: avoiding tobacco, good nutrition, and maintaining a healthy weight all are means of cancer prevention. Other studies have found that high levels of stress can affect whether a person is diagnosed with cancer or not, or has a more successful outcome with treatment. (For more details, click here...)

While the recent CARES stimulus package afforded a large number of our population economic relief, undocumented immigrants were specifically exempted creating undue financial hardship and stress. Many are fighting not just fear, but homelessness and hunger.

The objective of the TCUI is a cancer counter-measure to ensure that undocumented immigrants have access to adequate living quarters and proper nutrition during the pandemic and afterwards.

Qualified individuals and families may receive direct assistance for up to $3500 to cover basic essential living expenses, with additional support available as need requires.

To qualify for assistance, they:

  1. Must be undocumented and inelegible for governmental stimulus funds; (No information is ever shared)
  2. Must have a demonstrated financial need.

Applicants will be considered on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis with preference given to those with families and children.

An assigned staff member will personally assist the applicant to navigate the process and then work to ensure their needs are met.


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